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Going camping? Bringing your furry friend on vacation with you? Is there a chance that you and your dog could ever have to evacuate quickly because of fire, flood, or other disaster? Having a well stocked and up to date first aid kit is an essential item that will come in handy if you ever find your dog in distress. Create a first aid kit for the home in a sturdy, waterproof container and one in a backpack that you can easily tote along on hiking trips or outings to the beach. Make sure that the kit is large enough to hold everything you need and include these items.

Important Information in a Waterproof Bag

  1. Have your veterinarian’s name and contact information in detail, along with the phone number of an emergency clinic and the pet poison hotline.
  2. Photocopy your dog’s vaccination records and include those.
  3. If your dog takes medication, have the name of the drug and the dosage written down.
  4. Take a picture of your dog and on the back, mention identifiable markings.
  5. Write down your furry buddy’s tag number and microchip I.D. if they have one.

Replenishable Items:

  1. Non-latex disposable gloves, gauze, scissors, and animal-friendly tape make a mini-kit for bandaging up a cut or puncture.
  2. Vet-approved antiseptic spray and ointment will soothe the pain of a bug bite or sting.
  3. An emergency supply of dog food or treats will make your pet feel happy after an incident or light injury.
  4. Liquid bandage is useful for cuts and scrapes, after the area has been cleaned, to seal the wound and dirt out.
  5. In the event that your pup’s eyes need to be flushed, pack a bottle of saline solution.
  6. Ask your vet for an antihistamine, safe to use in case of an allergic reaction.
  7. Your vet can give you instructions on how to induce vomiting in the event your dog ingests a poisonous substance; hydrogen peroxide is typically used but only after a call to the vet or poison hotline.

Multiple Use Items:

  1. Tweezers are ideal for removing thorns or other items stuck in the footpad or between the toes.
  2. If you have to clean vomit or diarrhea off your pet’s fur, baby wipes are designed for quick and efficient clean-ups.
  3. It is good to carry a compact emergency blanket in case you need to keep your dog warm until help arrives.
  4. A digital thermometer can quickly tell you if your dog is feverish.
  5. To calm your pup in a stressful situation, have a toy they can’t resist packed in the bag.
  6. In the event that you and your companion get lost on a hike, carry a flashlight.
  7. Always carry an extra leash and collar in case your dog breaks theirs.
  8. A first aid book that has advice for both you and your dog should complete the kit.

Having a fully stocked kit for extended hikes, road trips, and beach days will enable you to relax knowing that you can tend to your furry best buddy if needed. In the case of a natural disaster like a flood or fire, your at-home kit can be quickly grabbed along with the other important items you will gather. No one likes to think about terrible events or injuries, but if you are prepared, you will deal with them better when they do occur.