Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic

67 W. High Street
London, OH 43140


Dr. J.J. Coate

Dr. Coate is Sunnyside’s veterinarian. She graduated from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012, and returned to London to open Sunnyside Vet Clinic in February 2013. Her favorite part of private practice is caring for the four-legged members of our community. She has a special interest in surgery and client education. Her pets include Toby and Gunner, the dogs who frequently greet clients at the door.

Mikayla Jameson

Mikayla is a Sunnyside veterinary assistant. She is a junior high school student at the Tolles Technical Center studying in the Pre-Veterinary Technician Program. She has always loved volunteering at animal shelters and pet sitting. Her favorite part of working at Sunnyside is caring for each and every animal that walks into our clinic. Her pets include Gracie the cat, Odie the rabbit, and Laci the dog.

Cathy Rogers

Cathy is a Sunnyside veterinary assistant. She has a passion for learning and has fun taking care of our patients. She especially enjoys helping in surgery, and she always makes sure that our patients are comfortable and content. Cathy’s hobbies include caring for cats, reading, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. Her pets include her dog Mugsie, and cats Cali Sue, Henry, Ronnie, and Charli.

Jessie Macy

Jessie is a Sunnyside veterinary assistant. Jessie’s favorite part of her job is interacting with clients and their pets. She has a special interest in horses and has been involved in Clark County 4-H for many years. Her hobbies include horseback riding and showing, and she lives on a farm with many dogs, cats, and horses.

Olivia Holloway

Olivia is a Sunnyside veterinary assistant studying to become a veterinary technician. Olivia excels in surgical assisting and has a special affection for homeless animals. She enjoys working at Sunnyside and meeting our many wonderful clients and patients. She enjoys hiking and spending time with her animals. Her pets include dogs Kane, Apollo, Ben, and Brice; rats Cynthia, Opal, and Josie; and her little ‘kitten-monster’ Jo-anna.

Abby Miller

Abby is a first year veterinary student at Purdue University. On her breaks, she enjoys working at Sunnyside and increasing her vet experience. Abby loves learning and likes making our puppy and kitten patients comfortable with their initial visits. Her pets include adopted cats Mittens aka Rupert, Karma and Loki.
Philip Walters

Phil is Sunnyside’s business manager. He is currently a first year veterinary student at Ohio State University. He spends a lot of time ‘behind-the-scenes’ working to improve the growing Sunnyside practice. His hobbies include horsebackriding and hiking. He co-owns Toby and Gunner with his lovely wife Dr. Coate :)